I’m Kuini.  I was the token girl on my mother’s side of the family for about 12 years until my littlest cousin decided to be born.  Being the only girl for so long, I was showered with lots of girly toys when I was young.  Mostly Barbies.  I never liked Barbies, but I sure did enjoy popping their heads off.  Barbies heads make a very satisfying “POP!” noise when you pop them off, and did you know that once their head comes off, there is no way in hell to put them back on?  Believe me, I’ve tried many-a-times.  I know Toys R Us sells a four foot tall Barbie doll.  My goal is to one day get that Barbie just so I can pop her head off and see if I can put it back on.  I love chemicals  I’d choose playing with chemicals over playing with children any day.  I made that decision after spending half a year being the real-life version of Bill Nye the Science Guy for various elementary schools around Toronto and the GTA.  I’m a chemist and I am now living my dream of sporting labcoats every single day.  You know how some people have foot fetishes?  Well, I have labcoat fetishes.  As a matter of fact, I am wearing one right now.


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