I’m a sick girl

As some of you may have guessed, I spent the last while on hiatus from my blog to learn to like my phone.  I hate to say this, but the damn iPhone is so far so good.  I really cannot find any complaints except for the on screen keyboard where I believe my fingers are way too fat for.  I find typing with my single right index finger easier than any other method, much like how people tend to type with one finger when they first learn to use a keyboard, but we’ll see with extended use if I can get better at this typing business.

Damn Apple sure does know how to get money from you.  $1 at a time that is!  Stupid apps.  Stupid convenience of saving your credit card number into the system.  Argh, I don’t want to think about how many $1’s I’ve spent already clicking apps away on the iTunes store on stupid things.  I guess I’ll get to see how stupid I am on my next credit card statement.  I hate you Apple!  Even though Shawn DID make an app as well for the iTunes store, which by the way I just realized today that it was not available in the Canada store.  I wonder if Shawn is aware of that.  In case you are interested, Shawn’s app is a puzzle game for the iPhone called Chain 3.

Anyways, I found these videos while surfing on Buzzfeed a few days ago.  I think they’re the funniest thing ever!  Okay, either you’ll giggle everytime you watch it, like me.  Or you’ll think I’m a sick sick girl…

Exploding Hamster
Exploding Kitten

I approve! I think all cute things should explode!  🙂

Oh, I also just downloaded an app called Pocket God.  Thats right, you guessed it! it’s a game where I get to exercise my skills and rights as god to insignificant little people who apparently live in my phone.  I get to poke them, and flick them, and throw them into a volcano whenever I want.  I also get to control the weather and explode them with lightning if I want.  Since I have just gotten this app, I really suck in being god.  All I learned to do was flick them into volcanoes or feed them to the sharks.  I haven’t figured out how to make them do other things at my will yet… gimme more time.  This god thing is not an easy job you know!

You know what else I got?  I also got me this really cool app which many of you may have heard of already: Midomi.  It’s that magical program that can figure out whatever song is playing on the radio.  All you have to do is have your phone listen to a bit of the song playing from the radio, and within seconds, it will be able to tell you what song is playing!  Tres incroyable! It is not limited to only English songs either!  I had it listen to some Cantonese songs I had chillin’ in my laptop and it was even able to tell me what song it was in Chinese!  It is even supposed to be able to work with you humming or singing a song out into the phone.  I tried doing that too.  I was humming a Lady Gaga song, but the program wasn’t able to figure it out even though I was doing my best humming that I could!  Well, I guess even great things have to have their own limitations too!  I forgive the program for not deciphering my humming.  It’s okay.  There there.


1 Response to “I’m a sick girl”

  1. 1 AML March 3, 2010 at 7:32 am

    Ahhhhhhhaaaaa!!!!! See I was right!!! You love it:) I wanna hear you say it: “Alana…..YOU WERE RIGHT!” Welcome to the cool team Kuini.

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