Please DO NOT EVER buy an HTC :(

Pretty, shiny objects… I can’t resist.  Well, I can now! at least for phones!  For the past few years, I’ve been hopping from cellphone to cellphone as the newer prettier models come out.  HTC seemed to be the company that shat out pretty looking phones the fastest, and being a sucker, I couldn’t resist getting my hands on a couple of them.  What a mistake!  I’ll show you the culprits that I got myself involved with:

Specimen 1: HTC Kaiser (Lifetime with Kuini: 3 months before she gave it to her brother who uses it to today while going nuts every so often when it acts up)

HTC Kaiser


Specimen 2: HTC Touch Dual (Lifetime with Kuini: a little over a year.  Day abandoned by Kuini: tomorrow (Jan. 4, 2010))

HTC Touch Dual

DO YOU SEE?????????!

I was fooled by the appearance.  At first use, the phones were GERRREEEATTTT! The Kaiser was a lot of fun.  It’s keyboard was easy to use and everything about it was good. The Touch Dual was even better, with the exception of the screen being smaller, it worked really well.  Its keyboard along with T9 allowed extremely efficient typing.  It was wonderful and at the time, I never thought I’d ever dislike it… ever.  EVER!  You see, I’ve been playing around with pda’s since I was 12 (I was a spoiled little geeky girl), and I love gadgets.  I used to be absolutely opposed to the idea of having a pda and a phone in one device with the reason being if one craps out, it will take the other with it leaving me with nothing.  I finally decided to give up my stubbornness and give into new technology… too bad HTC was my first.  Both HTC’s ran on Windows Mobile.  Ever since Palm decided to go on a long hiatus from making standalone pdas, I’ve left and learned to use and like Windows Mobile.  Having Windows Mobile now together with my phone made life even more technologically efficient than it used to be when I carried around two different devices.  How great is that?  My phone can do everything!!! Play music, movies, hold my data, tasks, calendar, games (lots and lots and lots of them), pictures, videos… my new favouritest toy!

My love for the phones ended when I realized the major flaw in HTC devices.  You see, HTC  is great.  They have pretty phones and they give their phones so much capability, it can do anything!  however, HTC is cheap and they never gave the phone a proper processor and drivers that would allow it to do all of those wonderful things it’s supposed to be able to do.  In about a month’s of usage, the Kaiser started showing signs of “The Downs.”  It was slow in responding to anything.  It was so slow that I didn’t even want to use it as a pda.  Just to make this clear, I only gave this phone to my brother not because I am mean and I want him to have a horrible device, but because he asked very nicely and I explained the issues and he still wanted to have it to play around with.  Now, why did I get an HTC Touch Dual after having a bad experience with the Kaiser?  Well, because I’m stupid and an optimist and I somehow had a hope in me to believe that due to the uprise of unhappy HTC users and their numerous complaints and threats of a lawsuit against the company (HTC CLASS ACTION) that HTC would have made better working phones.  Much like how I ended up watching all the seasons of The L Word even though season 2 was horrible, season 3 was worst and season 4 was no better…  I keep watching, hoping that it will get better.  That was what I was doing with the HTC phones.  I was hoping.  Anyways, so I was wrong again, the HTC Touch Dual turned out to be worst than the Kaiser.  Not only is it slow at being a pda… it didn’t even know how to be a phone!  It was seriously a phone that did not know how to be a friggin’ phone!  For any other phone, the second you hang up, you will be ready to dial the next number.  Nope, not for the Touch Dual.  You hang up, and instead of letting you dial the next number, the phone hangs for about 30 to 40 seconds to realize that maybe you’ve hung up and you’d like to dial another number.  What a stupid phone!  and recently, its problems got worst by deciding to hang when I press the “answer” button and then hang up on the person while it takes its goddamn time to think!  And sometimes, it will have trouble waking up from sleep mode and I’d have to pull out the battery to restart.  What a stupid stupid phone!  argh! it makes me angry thinking about how stupid this phone can be!  Now you might blame me for installing weird crap on my phone, causing it to act this way.  Not a chance that it was my fault!  I’ve factory reset this phone numerous times hoping it’d solve it’s down’s syndrome, only to have it work nicely… for a day… before it acts up again.  Lesson here?  NO MORE HTC’s!

My nagging and complaints and fights with my phone in the recent few months have resulted in me getting an iPhone.  It was between that or a Blackberry.  Shawn has a Blackberry and loves it.  It is very fast and efficient as a phone, and great for typing.  I’ve always been reluctant about Blackberries and iPhones, but for a stupid reason.  I see so many people on the streets with them that they are almost uniform-like and I didn’t want to be part of that “uniform.”  However, upon researching about them, I now believe that there is definitely a reason why these two makes are the most popular phones.  People use them because they are good phones.  Not just glitz and glamor, but function as well.   Unlike the HTC which is all looks and no brain.  Now that I have an iPhone, I am happy that I do not have to deal with a stupid stupid phone anymore, but now I have to deal with a new problem: I now have to learn to use something I’ve always been intimidated of: Apple.

Alana promises me that I’ll love the iPhone for sure.  I don’t know yet, because right now, I feel like an old person trying to learn how to use a computer.


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