Need a Sugar Daddy?

2009 is coming to an end, in a couple of days we’ll be welcoming 2010. What plans do you have for the new year? Will you do the popular “I’m hittin’ the gym and gettin’ back in shape” and make up excuses to stop one month later? or will you be doing something different? Perhaps you have plans to find a man, get married and have triplets by the end of next year? That was the conversation I walked into this morning. I work with a bunch of interesting characters. Anyways, the conversation of finding a rich man came up and someone suggested going online to find a sugar daddy. Surely enough, the second we got to a computer, we looked up Not good enough… so we Googled for more sugar daddies. You see, we have a coworker who is interested in nothing more than a rich, young, handsome man. We tried to help her out today, and this was the absolute best deal we came up with:

Papi, the 73 year old Sugar Daddy!

Unfortunately, Miss Picky said he was too old. Whatever… if she can put up with him for a few years and gain his entire inheritance, then she’s set and she can shut the hell up 😛 I’m kidding… this Papi man is creepy. His profile was funny though!

See, this one of the many reasons why you should not put your profiles and pictures up on the internet. It becomes public and people can and will blog about it. Ooohhh Papi 😀

For those of you innocent enough to not know what a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby is, here are some definitions for you. Yay! new words!

Sugar Daddy: A wealthy, usually older man who gives expensive gifts to a young person in return for sexual favors or companionship.

Sugar Baby: A woman who provides companionship and/or sexual relations for a wealthy, older man in exchange for expensive gifts and/or money; a “gold digger”

For those of you who are heterosexual males, here’s one for you too:

Sugar Mama: An older woman who buys extravagant gifts for a person and may/most likely will receive sexual favors, in return.


1 Response to “Need a Sugar Daddy?”

  1. 1 basia January 5, 2010 at 3:08 pm

    I love how it says “be bisexual” in between all the other stuff! LOL It’s so out of place. Cracks me up – what a CATCH! lol

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